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The biggest benefit of having a full hour of wedding portraits on your wedding day.

Plan for an FULL hour of wedding portraits between you and soon to be partner.

Even if you have the perfect wedding timeline, space between to relax, you don't feel like you will be rushed. Your wedding day will pass you by in a blink, and too many times before I have heard, "I felt like I hardly got to be with you, or talk to you." This is why I started encouraging my couples to allow up to an hour for their wedding portraits in one setting.

St. Louis wedding Photographer tips and tricks to remember your wedding with the one you love.

Whether you are going to have a first look and see each other before the ceremony, or not, you are going to be nervous, excited, worried, stressed or, jumping with happiness. You will have many emotions filling thru you and of course you want to be with the one person who makes it all ok.

Weddings can be filled with friends and faces you haven't seen in so long. They are going to be just as happy to see and speak with you and in a fast istance your wedding guests are stealing you away to congratulate you.


The biggest benefit you get is "Scheduled" alone time during your wedding!

All my couples are given the opportunity to build out their wedding photo day timeline with myself. This timeline is typically given out to anyone who will need to know where to be for photos, who is in the photos and how long will they last.

When you put, couple portraits will last an hour on the wedding timeline everyone else will either be on a party bus waiting, on their way to the ceremony/reception or waiting to arrive at the picture location. They only people that will be at this location at this time are the only people you want to be there. This allows for the day to freeze for the both of you. A moment of silence during the day, a space for the both of you to breathe, talk about whatever you would like, embrace each other and just celebrate the marriage that just happened or is about to happen. Now, pictures will still be happening during this time, but I work as fast as possible to make sure we get all of the shots you are wanting, and then I start to take steps back. I will start to move further away, but when I do this I will give you a few prompts and begin taking candid photos. After a little bit longer, I will let you know I am done, and tell the both of you, to return to the car, party bus, a specific location whenever you are ready. Then the rest of the evening can carry on has planned, without the both of you worrying about missing anything.

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