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Brianna Buchholz Photography / Professional Photographer / St. Louis, Missouri / Personal Branding Photographer / Small Business Photographer

Updated: Jun 7

Who is Brianna Buchholz Photography?

Hello! My name is Brianna Fox (Buchholz) and I am a small-owned, local professional photographer in St. Louis Missouri. I specialize in; Personal Branding Photography, Event Photography, and Portrait Photography.

Female Headshot with large glasses, blonde hair that is wavy, smiling for a photo.
Brianna Fox (Buchholz)

While I am not an "STL" native I have been LOVING living here since 2020. I have explored all of St. Louis while doing wedding photography, and over the past year, I have transitioned to helping other local small businesses.

A little about, me!

  • I am originally from a tiny little farm town in Ohio that I LOVE dearly. I enjoy traveling and serving clients in my hometown a few times a year.

  • I LOVE to travel!! I have been to some amazing places which include, Japan, Puerto Rico, Germany, and the West Coast.

  • What am I doing, when I am not doing photography? Walking/hiking new parks, enjoying evening drives, crocheting/knitting, visiting new cafes, hanging with my cats, or exploring new places with my friends!

Why did I switch to Business Photography?

While studying at Shawnee State University (SSU) I started to photograph events for the university. Photographing these events sparked my love for capturing images for others, that they could use to promote themselves or an event. Then.. 2020 happened and all events were canceled.

Before 2020, I was planning to be an event coordinator after graduation. I LOVED planning events and watching them come to life for people to join. However, in May 2020, I graduated college, and no events were going on. I turned to what I knew, Photography. In St. Louis, summer - > fall 2020 and 2021, wedding photographers were struggling to keep up with all the displaced weddings. I started to second shoot for other photographers, eventually owning and operating my own wedding photography business.

After being a wedding photographer for a few years, I missed events. I missed helping promote events and attending them every week. While at a conference in 2023 called Shutterfest, I attended classes that were about Branding and Business Photography. After that conference, I knew that was the photography space that I wanted to be a part of. I finally found a "home" that I belonged to in the photography world.

Since April 2023, I have been helping small businesses promte events, capture their brand, and elevate their social media and website. I am EXCITED to help more business owners every year.

Will you still do wedding photography?

In short, YES! However, I do not take on nearly as many weddings as I did in the past. These days I am enjoying my weekends with my husband and my cats.

Want to learn more about my Personal Branding Photography services? CLICK HERE!

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