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Forest Park Proposal / Jewel Box St. Louis, Missouri Surprise Wedding Proposal

Forest Park Proposal

Saturday, August 5th was definitely a day to remember for Josh and Diane. The day started off with Josh sending Diane out to brunch with her St. Louis Friends... all while Josh was with me back at the Jewel Box in Forest Park setting up for a Surprise Wedding Proposal.

Early Afternoon, Diane's friends had dropped her off at the Jewel Box, and Josh got down on one knee to ask for her hand in marriage. After the question was asked, we did a mini-celebration/engagement session in the Jewel Box.

At this point, Diane had only assumed they were both going to go home refresh, and get ready for an evening dinner for just the two of them. What Diane didn't know was.. I had met up with her out-of-0-State Friends and Family at Scarlett's Wine Bar. Here her friends were setting up for the ultimate surprise engagement party. Dinae had not seen many of these friends for a while, and this was the first time her mom had gotten on a flight.

We all waited with heavy anticipation for the two of them to arrive. Take a look at all the images below to relive this ACTION packed day with Diane and Josh. A HUGE CHEERS and CONGRATULATIONS to the newly engaged couple.

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