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Munif Portrait Session

Location: Union Station St. Louis Missouri

Munif was my second client session in St. Louis, Missouri. Munif reached out to me to update some profile/work portraits, which is something I definitely recommend everyone to do at least after you are done going to school (high school or college). I am a firm believer everyone needs a clean, crisp photo of themselves.. especially one that really shows your personality! One of Munif's favorite places in downtown St. Louis is Union Station! He showed up with so many ideas and a care free spirit.

Like many summer days in St. louis, it was also very hot out! However, we were safe from the sun, under Union Stations covering. One of my favorite parts about this sessions was that Munif wanted some images in his Jama. Now living away from family he says he hardly gets to wear his Jama, especially this year in 2020.

Munif was down with any idea I had, and the whole entire session fantastic!


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