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Pumphrey Wedding

Couple: Frankie and Logan Pumphrey

Location: Venue, Backyard wedding Mount Vernon, Ohio

Bridal photos, Ariel Foundation Park

Frankie and Logan's wedding reminded me and everyone that your wedding day is truly about you and the love of your life. This backyard wedding was so perfect. Frankie and Logan had just bought a house together and were going to move in together for the first time, but first they held their wedding in their backyard. In fact their backyard already looked like the perfect venue! With close family and friends around this couple celebrated their love for each other. My favorite moment from this wedding is seeing Logan look at Frankie with pure admiration.

However, Logan does have another love and that is his motorcycle... Frankie told me we must have photos with his "other" girlfriend and now "other" wife. The bridal photos were fantastic and fit the both of them perfectly!


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