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Rachel and Tyler Ehret

Location: Cardington/Mount Vernon, OH

November Wedding


What can I say about this wedding, I don't think there are any words that could describe how excited I was to create their wedding video. I knew Rachel since Pre-School and Tyler since elementary school. We all grew up together later creating a great friend group in middle school that I don't think any of us saw growing into what it is today. All of us are very close to this day even though half of us live in different states, communicating frequently and gathering for holidays.

The bridal party and wedding vendors were all part of this friend group, making this day full of reminiscing on childhood memories to creating new ones as a group. We all witnessed two of our best friends confess their love for each other, and not a single face remained dry from tears at the end of the day.

From reminiscing, crying happy tears, and creating new memories. Rachel and Tyler's wedding will never be forgotten, and something each of us will hold close to our hearts.


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