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Savannah and Jacob

Surprise Proposal

Location: Chillicothe, Ohio

Copperas Mountain

MY best friend is ENGAGED!

Savannah and Jacobs's surprise proposal was planned for MONTHS. I remember when Jacob first messaged me he was going to propose to Savannah and I was instantly full of joy! But as the best friend, I am, I made sure he checked off all those boxes; got her idea vision of the ring, met with her family, etc. As we got to talking I asked do you think I would be able to photograph this for you both? We both wondered how this would even work without her knowing because I now live in Missouri, and they are located in Ohio. THEN the perfect weekend lined up. I asked Savannah if I could fly out to visit her in April to see her and her new house.. and possibly catch a sunset on a hike. She said, "YES!"

Jacob and I both convinced Savannah I would be testing out my new camera on this hike at sunset. We added in that I would also need a few models. She agreed, and we all got dressed up and went on the hike.

We all sat and talked, watch the sunset start then I started to take pictures of them together. When the timing was right I backed up to get the perfect shot and Jacob got down on one knee. Savannah looked at me in shock and asked is this for real! I nod yes and the tears start flowing from us all.

I can't believe we pulled off such an event.

Congratulations to you both! I can NOT wait for the big day!


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