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Spring Art Hill Forest Park Engagement Session / Maggie and Gabe

Location: Art Hill Forest Park, St. Louis Missouri

Spring 2022

Maggie and Gabe are now on the blog! Such a wonderfully sweet couple, that definitely had the courage to do a photoshoot rain or shine. All week we were expecting a huge storm to pass through St. Louis the night of their session. It was suppose to rain non stop Wednesday night into Friday night. However, I like to tell me couples what time would be the latest to cancel your session incase we get rained out. Maggie responded letes wait until 5;00PM and see what the weather does.

Around 12 in the afternoon I checked the radar again for Thursday, and I saw a break in the storms. I quickly messaged Maggie to let her know her session is totally going to happen! About 15 minutes into their engagement session the sun started to poke out, of what was suppose to be a 94% cloud covered evening. The longer their session went on the more the sun started to poke out and I couldn't be happier!

Typically on a Thursday evening, Art Hill has a decent amount of people walking about. But I think on this particular evening the rain scared everyone away, and we were the only ones at Art Hill for their entire session. This resulted in me being extremely happy with less people to doge and edit out of their photos!

I am truly excited to see Maggie and Gabe this August at their wedding~

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