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Spring Family Mini Session in Forest Park 2022

Spring Mini Sessions 2022

Welcome this family to the blog! Lana's family was part of my Spring Mini Sessions this 2022. And they are recently celebrating their marriage as well. It was a JOY to hang out and meet Lana's family, and hear all about their wonderful trips and family outings coming up. We all had a blast during their session, and even the little ones too!

Mini Sessions are perfect for family with young ones who know they won't make it thru a full hour session, but still have time to get some great quality shots of their family within 20/30 minutes. I love doing mini sessions for families because as a photographer I know kids will hold up a great smile for 15 minutes max and then want to do something else, which is perfectly ok! While in the mini session we will get smiling pictures from everyone, but I also like to see what the youngest member of the family wants to do and we will go from there. For this session, it met walking towards the water!

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