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Spring High School Senior Session in Forest Park / Molly

Spring Senior 2022 Sessions

Last weekend I had the HONOR of working with this family again! In March their oldest daughter Meghan married the man of her dreams. Shortly after Meghan and Caleb's wedding, their family reached out asking if I would take their youngest daughter, Molly, senior pictures. I said, "Of course, I would!"

You will not see me specifically advertise for senior pictures or single portraits on my website. But for past families, and people I have met thru other photoshoots, it's always a yes from me! Documenting a milestone like this in their family was a huge honor, and something I would LOVE to do for all my future families and couples.

Before every senior portrait session, I reach out to the seniors and find out what exactly they are looking for, and what they love about themselves. Molly mentioned that she would love to do some creative shots that involved the nature around her. As she mentioned during the shoot, she feels most herself surrounded by nature. She described her style as creative, earthy, and indie and wanted that to shine thru her senior photos. I also asked her to name three things that make her great, and she said, "1. I care very much about the environment and people around me 2. My family is very important to me 3. My sense of humor " and during our photo session I could easily tell these are the top three great things about Molly.

During Molly's actual photo session, we talked about what her plans look like after high school, and how she would be enjoying the end of her senior year. As she is the youngest in her family, and the last one to leave home, her mom and dad were a little sad about that, but I saw nothing but pure excitement from Molly. I can tell she is ready to embark on this new chapter in her life, and I wish her nothing but the best!

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