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St. Louis Branding Photoshoot / Women's Business Vision Consultant / Latonya Renne: Entrepreneur

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Branding Photoshoot with Latonya Renne, Entrepreneur Women Business Vision Consultant

Everyone meet Latonya! Latonya and I had an AMAZING time during our personal branding photoshoot. Please keep reading to learn more about her business, and of course, take a peek at her personal branding photoshoot with me!

Latonya Renne: Business Vision Consultant

Latonya is a business consultant who conducts 360 vision audits. These audits are designed to help online business owners see where they can maximize their time and energy regarding repetitive tasks. Her program takes a deeper dive into your business to look into your vision, journey, systems, and most importantly your legacy.

" As business owners, we don't always think about the legacy we want to leave with our business. We have a vision for the next month or the next 3-6 months, but we don't think about building that foundation for the next 3-5 years. The benefits of working with me [Latonya] is you get someone who will support you and partner with you to see where the gaps are in your business that you can fill, to maximize your time and energy so you can build a solid foundation to sustain and scale your business to create a legacy." - Latonya

Ready for Latonya to take a look into your business, come up with a plan, and build your legacy? CLICK HERE!

Ready to book your Personal Branding Photography session? CLICK HERE!

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