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Tom and Jess

Couple: Tom and Jess

Location: Forest Park St. Louis, MO

Tom and Jess will forever be remembered as my FIRST clients in St. Louis. Shortly after fully moving to St. Louis at the end of March, I new they would be the perfect first clients for me. I previously new Tom and Jess. We met last summer when I would visit STL.

Tom and Jess as a couple are playful, full of love for each other and their community! During our session we spoke about what community projects they were both participating in this year during Covid- 19, past world travels and how their plans will be looking different this year, and most importantly catching up!

Details about the session: This session was shot during what I think to be one of the hottest days of the summer.. making this session as quick as possible was key. The session took place right outside the Muny Outdoor Theater in Forest Park, St. Louis. From just moving here I was most familiar with this location and had a lot of ideas I wanted to try out. With their session I particularly wanted to play a lot with the sun behind them blowing out the background.


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