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What to Expect During a Personal Branding Photography Session / St. Louis Branding Photographer / Brianna Buchholz Photography /

Updated: Jun 21

Ever wonder, what happens during a personal branding photography session? Today I will give you an inside look into my branding photography sessions as your St. Louis branding photographer.

What to Expect During a Personal Branding Photography Session with Brianna Buchholz Photography.

A powerful tool to elevate your personal brand is a professional photography session, and in St. Louis, there’s no better choice than me, Brianna Buchholz Photography. Specializing as a St. Louis branding photographer, I capture the essence of all my clients, helping them to project their unique identity through stunning visuals. Here's a detailed look at what happens during a personal branding photography session with me!

Pre-Session Consultation:

Understanding your vision, brand, and personality is crucial for a successful shoot. During this consultation, you’ll discuss your business, target audience, and the message you want your images to convey. Whether you’re a corporate executive, a creative entrepreneur, or a wellness coach, I tailor each session to reflect your specific brand aesthetics.

Planning and Preparation:

After our consultation, we begin to plan the details of your session. This involves selecting outfits, props, and locations that align with your brand. I help guide wardrobe choices that complement your brand’s color palette and style. If your session includes multiple looks or settings, I'll ensure everything is organized to maximize your time and results.

The Photography Session:

On the day of the shoot, my goal is to create a relaxed environment where your personality can shine through naturally. Here’s what typically happens during the session:

  1. Warm-Up Shots: To help you get comfortable in front of the camera, I start with a few warm-up shots. This encourages you to relax and get used to posing.

  2. Variety of Poses and Angles: Then I capture a range of poses and angles, ensuring a diverse portfolio of images. I provide clear direction and feedback to help you look your best, while also, encouraging spontaneous moments that reflect your genuine self.

  3. Multiple Settings: Depending on your package, the session might include different locations. This could be your office, an outdoor urban setting, or a studio backdrop. Each setting is chosen to enhance your brand’s story and visual appeal.

  4. Attention to Detail: During our session, I am actively adjusting lighting, correcting your posture, and watching everything in the frame to ensure a clean image.

Post-Session Editing:

After the session, the best images are carefully selected and color-corrected. You will be sent a private gallery to select your favorite images. Once they are selected I will start the final editing process. My editing style is natural and refined, enhancing your features while maintaining authenticity.

Headshot of a female with a red background. Female laughing with their head facing right.
Brianna Fox (Buchholz) , St. Louis Branding Photographer

Final Delivery:

Once the final round of editing is complete, you’ll receive a gallery of high-resolution images. I provide a seamless delivery process, often through an online gallery where you can download and share your photos easily. These images are now ready to elevate your personal brand, making a lasting impression on your audience.

Your St Louis Branding Photographer, Brianna.

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