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5 Hidden Gem Fredericktown, OH Photo Locations to photograph at!

5 Hidden Gem Fredericktown, OH Photo Locations to Photography at. While, Fredericktown, OH might seem very small.. There are some GREAT spots to have photo sessions at.

Fredericktown, OH is often overlooked for its Photographic opportunities. When I lived here, I often found a lot of people traveling outside of Fredericktown for photo sessions. I even did it myself when I was being photographed. Now, when I travel back to Fredericktown, OH to visit family and friends from time to time, I look for the beauty this small town has to offer. I always find myself thankful I grew up in a small town, and now I plan to show off its beauty!

Next time you visit Fredericktown, OH, try to find these locations and you will fall in love with them!

#1 Fredericktown Main Street

This is a perfect spot if you are looking for a little bit of a historic small-town vibe. During my last visit to Fredericktown, OH I started to see some fresh paint on the buildings in town, which is a nice touch to photograph! The sidewalks of Main Street are perfect to host sessions on, as they usually aren't too busy. Also, around the corner, you will find a fun white wall, and across the street some stairs to pose on!

#2 Fredericktown High-School Football Field

Do you have your own Freddie at home? Photographing a senior? Or a themed shoot with your student wearing their sports gear? The Fredericktown High School Football field is the PERFECT Background. The grounds are always well kept and on a non-event night, you will have the entire space to yourself.

One of my favorite spot go-to spots in Fredericktown, OH will always be the Fredericktown Community Park. Ever since I started photography I remember photographing my sister and her first boyfriend here! Once you pull into the park you will turn right and follow that gravel road to the tree line. Along the Tree line in the summer you will find these BEAUTIFUL flowers. Also! If you walk towards the creek you will find a cute little wooden bridge. This is SUCH a great Hidden spot.

One of the newest hidden gem spots I have found would be the LOWER Part of the Fredericktown, OH Recreation District Park. Most times you will over look, or drive right by this spot! However, next time you pull into the gravel drive, take a look to your left. When you look left, you will this this WIDE open field that is so perfect for all types of photo sessions! Also, while you are in this area take some pictures with the beautiful white fence. If you are strategic with your angles, you can make your image look like it was never ever taken along the side of the road.

In Fredericktown people will usually only visit the top of the Fredericktown, OH Recreation District Park to attend birthday parties, private events, weddings, etc.. However, you might overlook all the creative photo sessions you can unlock up there! When the sun sets just right, you get THE best sunlight poking through the trees. This once was a spot I easily avoided because of all the shade and harsh shadows this spot can cast.. However, on my most recent trip, I think I mastered the lighting of this location! Don't let this one intimidate you too much, like it did to me.

These hidden gems are now my favorite go-to Fredericktown, OH photo session locations.

*I make trips back to Fredericktown, OH typically end of May, Early Sept, and Late November.

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